Friday. August 10th, 2018.

I am waking up to my first day in Pilar, Paraguay. I think I heard the howler monkeys this morning, but I am not sure. I know I heard two roosters, one very far away, one very, very near. The town is beautiful, and the bus ride in was as well (see pictures below). Though the lack of a seatbelt was a little scary, it was not scary enough to keep me from sitting directly across the 2nd level window, so we’ll call me and Paraguay even on that one.

On the way in I read several Jorge Luis Borges stories, my favorites from the ride were ‘The South’ and ‘Death and the Compass.’ I keep having to remind myself that this is Borges’ translated prose, and the fact continually shocks me (credit to Andrew Hurley as well).

I look forward to exploring the town, and having more substantive updates to share.

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