Fanfiction (The Tale of Yukio)

I just published part 1 of a fanfiction I am writing for Warhammer 40k. It is very nerdy, war-oriented science fiction. My story will have a mystery and adventure flavor. If interested find my profile HERE. I plan to write out the whole thing and post it on Archive of Our Own. The story will... Continue Reading →

The Sopranos

By quite a long way, the best show I have ever watched. It seems almost every show has mimicked it. Obviously Breaking Bad, obviously Mad Men. I even think Orange is the New Black, certain anime, and many - if not most - artful shows have drawn inspiration from The Sopranos. Please watch it.  ... Continue Reading →

Pom Poko (Nonsense Review)

This will be the first of some new movie and book reviews. A lack of a review does not mean that the book/movie isn't incredible or touching. The existence of a review similarly says nothing about the relative value of the work to some specific other work.   Please enjoy, if you choose to read.... Continue Reading →

The Drill Sergeant

The drill sergeant kept walking down the line, getting closer, he could tell because the sighs and metallic, bodily crunches were growing louder ever so slowly. He is the only boy moving, the others look dazed, or maybe they are only exhausted. Above them are lines and lines of fastened barbed wire, and to their... Continue Reading →

How to change There are times where all that matters is whether we can When our pain can let loose one will stand there and bear it when we have had enough regardless of who should carry it we get to feel resolve to make a choice and sometimes what’s right takes a back seat... Continue Reading →

Rainy day

The rain has come reminding me of what it is to be home. Clean and gray.   The rain pours down and leaves only green and gray, looming and pervasive, other colors leeched away.   So many things to do, to work on, to practice or maintain, my head remains too filled to do so,... Continue Reading →

Letters of the alphabet, J T

JT. Initials can mean so many things. I choose these for many reasons, but the one I want to write about is Just This. Never in my life have I imagined such a perfect pair of initials, nor something I can think of being all of my world. I am so happy to have experienced... Continue Reading →

Short thoughts on the way we talk about animals.

            “Achilles fought like a lion in battle.”               There are few things as inspiring as hearing of a man who fought like a cornered wolf to defend his home, of a woman who battles like a mother bear against all odds to keep her children alive. These phrases conjure up images that immediately... Continue Reading →

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