December 15th, 2018. Back from Forest Guard Training Course.

To Follow: More pictures, more information, etc.

Just got back from PLT’s Guardabosque Primatology Field Research Methods Course (including environmental education training), and the experience is something I won’t forget. Met amazing people, and got to know ones I already knew better.

I am thinking now of how it is only 10 days until Christmas, I need to think of at least two decent presents, and yet it has been almost unbearably hot. We were melting, dripping sweat through the coating of red earth Pro Cosara always leaves on your skin and clothing. Coming back I see the holiday decorations, am told Brownies will be made tonight, and am in the world where I have a computer, messages coming through on my phone, and a decent fan I can point wherever I want. I feel simultaneously reconnected and disconnected from familial, personal, spatially-related feelings of home. Similar to going to a relative’s house and seeing family you are often close with, but haven’t seen in a while, after being with your direct family for some extended amount of time.

Happy Holidays.

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